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New Emails: Lois Lerner Referred to Conservatives as ‘***holes’ and ‘TeRrorists’ | CNS News

Lois Lerner

Lois Lerner

( – A newly discovered email exchange from Lois Lerner’s official IRS email account “directly demonstrates Ms. Lerner’s deep animus towards conservatives, which she refers to as ‘—holes,’” House Ways and Means Committee Chair Dave Camp wrote in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday.

In that Nov. 9, 2012 email, Lerner further suggests that conservatives will ruin the country: “So we don’t  need to worry about alien teRrorists (sic). It’s our own crazies that will take us down,” she wrote.

Camp (R-Mich.) told Holder the email “shows that Ms. Lerner’s mistreatment of conservative groups was driven by her personal hostility toward conservatives.”

Camp said he also has discovered that Lerner used her personal email to conduct official business,including confidential tax return information, and he once again urged the Justice Department to ramp up its investigation:

“While the Committee has not seen any evidence of a serious investigation by  your Department, it is my sincere hope that in light of this new, strong evidence that you immediately begin aggressively investigating this matter or appoint a special counsel.”

Camp warned that failure to do so “will only further erode public trust” in the Internal Revenue Service and the Justice Department.

Ways and Means is one of three congressional committees investigating the way the IRS, during Lerner’s tenure, handled groups seeking tax-exempt status. The IRS admits that conservative groups were singled out for inappropriate scrutiny and delay before the 2012 election.

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Justice Department Investigates Obama Outhouse Parade Float | The Daily Caller


The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating a float that appeared at the annual Fourth of July parade in the small town of Norfolk, Neb. because the float featured a blue flatbed truck carrying a zombie-looking mannequin in overalls on the door of an outhouse labeled “OBAMA PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY.”

The Justice Department sent a member of its Community Relations Service team to Norfolk (pronounced “Norfork” by many locals), reports the Omaha World-Herald.

The Community Relations Service team investigates disputes concerning discrimination.

The Justice Department bureaucrat attended a meeting on Thursday about the float fracas. Also in attendance at the meeting were representatives of the NAACP, the town mayor and members of The Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the group that organizes the yearly parade.

The man behind the controversial float, Dale Remmich, has explained that the overalls-clad mannequin in front of the outhouse represented himself — not President Barack Obama. The point he was trying to make concerned his frustration with Obama’s mismanagement of the Veterans Affairs Department. (RELATED: Obama Administration Knew About VA’s Secret Wait Lists For Years)

The kerfuffle began after parade attendee Glory Kathurima, a native of Kenya, became deeply unhappy about the float. (RELATED: Obama Outhouse Parade Float Infuriates Nebraska Woman)

“I’m angry and I’m scared,” she told a reporter from the Lincoln Journal Star. “This float was not just political; this was absolutely a racial statement.”

It’s not clear if Kathurima has seen a Nov. 29, 2006 political cartoon by famed Atlanta Journal-Constitution cartoonist Mike Luckovich which shows a ratty outhouse with a wooden sign out front emblazoned with the words “Bush Presidential Library.”

It’s equally unclear if anyone at the Justice Department has seen Luckovich’s cartoon.

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The Regime’s Benghazi Indictment Fails to Cite the Anti-Islam Video – The Rush Limbaugh Show

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

RUSH:  Well, the Regime has indicted the lead culprit in the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, and the indictment — the Regime’s own indictment, the Obama administration DOJ’s own indictment — doesn’t even mention the video that Obama and Hillary said was responsible for the whole thing.  The indictment has undercut the Regime’s whole point. I guess they feel enough time’s gone by they can’t be hurt by the truth now, so to hell with it.

RUSH: The Regime just released the “criminal complaint against the alleged mastermind of the Benghazi terrorist attacks.” They just indicted the guy, a criminal indictment against Ahmed Abu Khatallah and associates, terrorist associates.  Civilized people, associates.  “The Justice Department’s indictment spells out a calculated conspiracy by Ahmed Abu Khatallah and associates to attack the US diplomatic mission and CIA annex, which killed four Americans.”

There is no mention in the indictment that Ahmed Abu Khatallah and associates were enraged by a video.

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Murrieta immigrant detainee protests keep growing - Los Angeles Times


The standoff over the housing of immigrant detainees in Murrieta grew Friday as protesters on both sides of the issue stood their ground.

Hundreds of people gathered on the road to the federal processing facility,  anticipating another convoy of vehicles containing immigrants who had crossed the border in Texas. A boisterous crowd of protesters turned back three busloads of migrants on Tuesday.

The number of protesters swelled Friday despite the summer heat, the Fourth of July holiday and a police strategy that mostly kept the groups apart and away from the processing center.

In a reversal from earlier in the week, there were substantially more demonstrators on the immigration-rights side.

Authorities kept the road to the processing center clear and the protesters in check, although scuffles did break out. Murrieta police arrested five people for obstructing officers during an afternoon altercation. One other person was arrested earlier in the day.

The group protesting the busing of immigrants to California waved American flags and chanted “U.S.A,” while across the street demonstrators responded with, “Shame on you!”

On Friday evening, a charter plane carrying more immigrants arrived at San Diego’s Lindbergh Field.

Three U.S. Homeland Security Department buses arrived a few minutes later, trailed by numerous law enforcement vehicles.

Federal officials had said earlier in the week that 140 immigrants detained while crossing the border into Texas would arrive Friday. But since the blockade by protesters Tuesday officials have declined to provide information about the movement of the immigrants.

Crowds of protesters gather in front of the U.S. Border Patrol station in Murrieta

However, a law enforcement source said the latest arrivals were taken to a Border Patrol facility in San Ysidro for processing.

Tuesday’s blockade was a rowdy affair in which more than 100 people waving flags stood in front of police cars and federal vehicles to prevent the detainees from getting through. Some Murrieta residents expressed fear for their safety if the immigrants were released into the community.

That sentiment — coupled with the warmer welcome the detainees received in Texas — created an unsavory impression of this High Desert community of 105,000 along Interstate 15 in southern Riverside County.

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Benghazi Attacker Arraigned, Pleads Not Guilty | The Daily Caller


The man believed to be the mastermind behind the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, which left four Americans dead, appeared in U.S. federal court on Saturday, pleading “not guilty.”

Ahmed Abu Khatallah was indicted by a federal grand jury in Washington D.C. and charged with conspiracy to provide material support and resources to terrorists.

The 43 year-old Libyan national is thought to have directed an attack on the consulate which resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

Khatallah was captured in a secret raid conducted by U.S. Special Forces earlier this month in which he was lured to a location outside of Benghazi and taken without incident.

After capture, Khatallah was held on the U.S.S. New York, located in the Mediterranean Sea, before being brought to the U.S.

Some lawmakers had opposed trying Khatallah in U.S. criminal courts, instead preferring to let the military handle it.

Shortly after Khatallah’s arrest, Florida U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio called on the Obama administration to “immediately transfer [Khatallah] to the military detention center at Guantanamo Bay for detention and interrogation,” according to CBS News.

Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz agreed, saying that the Libyan “belongs in Guantanamo and in the military justice system, not in the U.S. civilian court system with the constitutional protections afforded U.S. citizens.”

The administration has been accused of dragging its feet in apprehending Khatallah. He had was not very well hidden, having given interviews to reporters in which he scoffed at U.S. and Libyan authorities.

However, the accused terrorist claimed in those interviews – as he did in court Saturday – that he had no role in directing the attack on the consulate. In the interview, he said he showed up to the consulate to protest a controversial video that was critical of Muslims.

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Hillary’s Bad Week | National Review Online

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Whatever it is that has projected Hillary Clinton to the front of the Democratic party line, it is not a talent for politics. Thus far, Clinton’s governmental achievements consist of having won election to the Senate in a state she couldn’t possibly have lost, having been appointed to a cabinet position by a president who had little choice, and . . . well, that’s about it really. Earnest challenges, meanwhile, have swiftly floored her. Conventional wisdom suggests that the unique combination of Barack Obama’s preternaturally adroit campaign skills and the country’s exhaustion with the Iraq War precipitated her 2008 collapse. But one is starting to wonder. Before her inevitable 2016 campaign has even begun, her numbers continue to drop — she is now at 52 percent approval, down from 70 percent in December 2012. All told, the last five days cannot have done much to stem the tide.

Clinton started the week by telling Diane Sawyer that she and her husband had been “dead broke” when they left the White House, and had thus been put in the devastating position of not knowing how they were going to fund the purchase of the many mansions that life in Pennsylvania Avenue had led them so desperately to covet. Later, in an attempt to let the public know just what a responsible leader she’d be, Clinton answered Sawyer’s question on Benghazi by first stopping the buck and then cutting it into many pieces. “I take responsibility,” she allowed. “But I was not making security decisions.”

“You should blame me as long as you don’t blame me,” then? “Hard Choices” indeed.

Since that rather rocky start, she has bounced boisterously from gaffe to gaffe, with no demonstrable loss of energy. On the Today show on Wednesday, Clinton implied that her support of the Bergdahl deal served as a solid example of the sort of difficult decisions she’d been asked to make in the past, and might perhaps be asked to make in the future. In the meantime, her team continued to confirm off the record that she hadn’t been comfortable with the swap at all and thus should not share any of the blame. (This, you might notice, is a theme.) Clinton proved unwilling, too, to flesh out exactly why the decision had been such a tough one for President Obama. That Bergdahl may have been a deserter “doesn’t matter,” she explained, because we bring our soldiers home regardless. More important, perhaps, she posited that the five hardened Taliban leaders that the United States traded in exchange “are not a threat to the United States” but only “to the safety and security of Afghanistan and Pakistan.” If so, one wonders why it was such a difficult call to release them.

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No End in Sight for Federal Policy of ‘Dumping’ Illegal Immigrants in Arizona, Gov. Brewer Says |

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R)

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R)

The vindictiveness and pettiness of the Obama Administration never ceases to amaze me. Apparently, in an effort to stick it to Arizona for past “transgressions,” the feds are dumping illegal immigrants at bus stations in Arizona.

Via Fox News:

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said Friday she is “disturbed and outraged” after she was informed by federal officials that not only has the government been shipping illegal immigrants out of Texas and “dumping” them in her state, it has no plans to stop.

Federal officials told Brewer Friday that the practice will continue for the foreseeable future, and this weekend more than 1,000 illegal immigrant children will be “dumped” in Arizona. Adults and family units will also arrive, though Brewer was not told how many, her office said.

Reports first surfaced last week that scores of illegal immigrants in Texas were being flown, bused and then abandoned out of state in Arizona and elsewhere.  After learning of the practice, Brewer sent a scathing letter to the president on Monday posing a string of questions about the policy. Brewer said Friday what little she has learned since then has made her even more concerned.

“This is a crisis of the federal government’s creation, and the fact that the border remains unsecure – now apparently intentionally – while this operation continues full-steam ahead is deplorable,” she said in a statement.

Brewer said the federal government never formally informed her administration of the practice and has never explained it.

Brewer said she has demanded answers from Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, and is again calling on President Obama to terminate the practice.

“I am disturbed and outraged that President Obama’s administration continues to implement this dangerous and inhumane policy, meanwhile neglecting to answer crucial questions our citizens demand and deserve,” she said.

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News Reports in Central America: ‘Go to America With Your Child, You Won’t Be Turned Away’ – Leah Barkoukis

Yet another Obama self-made crisis.

Yet another Obama self-made crisis.

Obama’s calling the mass influx of children illegally entering the U.S. an “urgent humanitarian situation” and that’s exactly what it is—Breitbart has the photos to prove it. The tens of thousands of children that are coming across the U.S.-Mexico border, many of whom from Central America, are unaccompanied. Officials are overwhelmed and sources tell filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch that the Border Patrol in Texas is on the brink of collapse.

Officials are trying to transport children to their illegal-immigrant family members already in the U.S., and parts of at least two military facilities are being used to house the children. But the photos Breitbart obtained show just exactly what that looks like.

“The results of this mismanagement [by DHS] are thousands of individuals living in inhumane conditions for an indeterminate period of time, as well as exhausted and overwhelmed Border Patrol agents and CBP detention facilities,” border expert Sylvia Longmire tells Breitbart. “This is an awful way to showcase what cartel and gang violence is doing to children and their families in Central America, and it’s a humiliating example of what our government’s inability to develop solid immigration and border security policies can cause.”

Republicans argue that the problem has undoubtedly gotten worse as the word has gotten out about the administration’s lax immigration enforcement policies. And they’re right.

McALLEN – Central Americans say news reports in their countries are encouraging them to make the journey north to the United States.

A mother and child told CHANNEL 5 NEWS that the message being disseminated in their country is, “go to America with your child, you won’t be turned away.”

The woman, Nora Griselda Bercian Diaz, from Guatemala, said she endured threats from the Zetas and extortion from corrupt Mexican police. She eventually crossed the Rio Grande with her 6-year-old Delmi Griselda Paul Bercian by her side.

The woman said she wants a U.S. education for her daughter.


Bercian Diaz said she has no family in the United States. Her hope of staying here relies on her little girl. She said the message in her country is that America’s borders are open to all families.

News reports in Guatemala say mothers and small children are getting bus tickets, Bercian Diaz said.

“I said, ‘I need to act right now, because this will end and my girl won’t have a future,’” Bercian Diaz said.

And to make matters worse, the administration announced on Thursday that it will renew its non-deportation program for young adult illegal immigrants.

“Despite the acrimony and partisanship that now exists in Washington, almost all of us agree that a child who crossed our border illegally with a parent, or in search of a parent or a better life, was not making an adult choice to break our laws, and should be treated differently than adult law-breakers,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said.

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