Armed men seize police stations in eastern Ukraine | Fox News


Ukraine’s acting president reportedly called an emergency meeting of Kiev’s national security council on Saturday after pro-Russian protesters seized control of government buildings in the country’s eastern region.

“A meeting will take place of the Ukrainian council of security and defense because of the situation in the east of Ukraine,” a spokeswoman for Acting President Oleksander Turchinov said, according to Reuters.

On Saturday, men in the uniforms of Ukraine’s now-defunct riot police occupied police headquarters in Donetsk, the eastern city that is one of the flashpoints of a wave of pro-Russia protests, hours after armed men seized local police headquarters and local branch of the Security Service in a nearby city.

The unrest in Donetsk and Slovyansk, about 55 miles to the north, were the latest shows of spiraling anger in eastern Ukraine, which has a large Russian-speaking population and was also the support base for Viktor Yanukovych, the Ukrainian president who was ousted in February after months of protests in the capital, Kiev. Ethnic Russians in Ukraine’s east widely fear that the authorities who took over after Yanukovych’s fall will suppress them.

In Slovyansk, the mayor said the men who seized the police station were demanding a referendum on autonomy and possible annexation by Russia. Protesters in other eastern cities have made similar demands after a referendum in Crimea last month in which voters opted to split off from Ukraine, leading to annexation by Russia.

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Fort Hood 2009 Survivor: More Guns on Military Bases

Fort Hood

Fort Hood

In an appearance on MSNBC’s “Ronan Farrow Daily” on Thursday, Ret. Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford, who survived being shot seven times by Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan at Fort Hood in 2009 said that “more guns” on military bases might prevent the type of shooting that took place at Fort Hood yesterday.

“I think more guns,” Lunsford said. “There’s not a need to have fear of guns. Because if you have to remember that our tax dollars are used to train every military personnel. Bee it if you’re a medic or if you are a computer guy, you’re a soldier first. And when that time comes, you have to use that weapon to defend what we hold dear: our standard of living, our way of life.”

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Obama national security aides meet to discuss Ukraine – Yahoo News

The Slacker in Chief

The Slacker in Chief

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s national security team discussed the Ukraine crisis in a session at the White House on Saturday after a last-ditch bid to find a diplomatic solution to the Cold War-style standoff with Russia floundered.

Secretary of State John Kerry, who just returned from talks with his Russian counterpart in London, was at the White House meeting along with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Obama did not attend the meeting but was being briefed about it and other developments involving Ukraine, said Laura Lucas Magnuson, a spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council.

Crimea’s pro-Russia parliament has scheduled a referendum on Sunday to decide whether the region should be annexed by Russia, an ominous development that Obama and his national security team have been trying to head off to no avail.

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American Thinker: Dangerous Times: Will Europe ever Defend Itself?


In purely cynical geopolitical terms, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has completely outfoxed President Obama and the whole foreign policy apparatus of the West. The United States and our overfatted intelligence apparatus were caught with their pants down. The Europeans were just as badly suckered. Our National Security Agency may be able to track every email and phone call in the world, but it can’t grasp the plainly stated intentions of our obvious great power opponent, imperialistic Russia, which is now trying to reverse the breakdown of the Soviet Empire in the Cold War.

Putin has played a consistently brilliant chess game, snatching the Crimea — and soon, parts of the Ukraine — long before the West had any inkling. Even as Obama was shafting our closest allies in the Middle East, Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, Putin stood by Syria and Iran, his allies of convenience in that part of the world. With every East-West confrontation Obama has backed down. Now, with the collapse of Crimea without a shot being fired, Putin has finally revealed his plan.

Putin and his fellow KGB alums who now run Russia are long-distance chess players. Starting from a position of utter weakness with the breakdown of the Soviet Union and its colonies twenty years ago, they have systematically schemed to take power in Moscow, to centralize great chunks of the old Soviet Union, and to reorganize its broken economy on syndicalist lines — a centralized crony capitalism. Russia is still far from its peak power level from Soviet times, but its low-cost reconquest of the Crimea, parts of Georgia, and soon, major parts of the Ukraine count as an unqualified success.

The question is whether renewed Russian encroachment on Europe can ever be stopped. Sixty years ago, at the end of World War II, much of Europe lay in ruins, and the United States stepped in with a credible nuclear guarantee against Stalin and his successors. The Soviets proved to be a greedy type of imperialism, most significantly turning China into an ideological clone threatening all of Asia. Today, Putin and China are once more considering the advantages of a strategic alliance. Just as Russia snatched parts of Georgia and the Crimea, China has laid claim to vast undersea territories hotly disputed by Japan and the Philippines. China is now the biggest imperial exploiter of African resources. Obama has simply ignored a new Sino-Soviet expansionism, the way he always does.

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Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama budget ‘guts our defense’ – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs

Sen. Lindsey Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham

(CNN) – Sen. Lindsey Graham said the Obama administration’s proposed budget “guts our defense” and ignores the need for military preparation for future conflicts.

The South Carolina Republican told CNN’s Candy Crowley Sunday that if the United States were to need to take immediate military action in an international conflict, that situation would drain defense resources.

Graham said on “State of the Union” that “440,000 members of the United States army is a gutted army. We do have a lot of technology available to our troops. Every soldier goes into battle with an array of technology and equipment not possessed in World War II. But you still need trigger pullers.”

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel unveiled last week the Defense Department’s spending plan for 2015 and beyond. The budget calls for shrinking the Army to pre-World War II levels, a scaling-back, he said, that “recognizes the reality of the magnitude of our fiscal challenges.”

“For the first time in 13 years, we will be presenting a budget to the Congress of the United States that’s not a war-footing budget,” Hagel said. “That’s a defining budget because it starts to reset and reshape.”

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Ceremony to Mark 72nd Anniversary of Attack on Pearl Harbor | TheBlaze.com

PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (AP) — About 3,000 people are expected to gather at Pearl Harbor on Saturday to commemorate the anniversary of the 1941 Japanese attack that launched the U.S. into World War II.

About 70 World War II veterans and survivors of the Dec. 7 bombing plan to attend the morning ceremony on the shore overlooking a memorial to the USS Arizona battleship that sank during the attack.

The event will begin with a traditional Hawaiian blessing. There will be a moment of silence at 7:55 a.m., the minute the bombing began 72 years ago. A guided missile destroyer will pass by and render honors to the USS Arizona and its crew.

The Navy and National Park Service are co-hosting the ceremony, which is open to the public. Their theme for the event, “Sound the Alarm,” will explore how Americans answered a call to duty in the wake of the attack.

Former U.S. Sen. Max Cleland of Georgia is scheduled to deliver the keynote address.

The Vietnam War veteran is now secretary of the American Battle Monuments Commission, which is responsible for managing overseas cemeteries for fallen American troops.

The current U.S. Pacific Fleet commander, Adm. Harry B. Harris, Jr. will also speak.

Later in the day, Pearl Harbor survivors will join military and government officials in a parade through Waikiki.

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Obama’s lie-filled NSA presser | The Daily Caller

Yesterday, shortly after 3 p.m., President Obama gave what some believe to be his most dishonest press conference to date. And by “some,” I mean me, since many in the media seem unable or unwilling to label what Obama is doing with the proper word: lying.

Sure, there’s some miscommunication, some misdirection, but lying? That’s extreme, go back to the blogosphere, they say. Well, I think it’s extreme to sit through a historic press conference like that without asking the President of the United States a single valid follow-up question to his statements on the NSA fallout.

Let’s look at Mr. Obama’s exact words from yesterday:

“Now, keep in mind that as a senator, I expressed a healthy skepticism about these programs. And as president, I’ve taken steps to make sure that they have strong oversight by all three branches of government and clear safeguards to prevent abuse and protect the rights of the American people.”

The first part of this is true: as a senator, Mr. Obama did express concerns about dragnet surveillance of US citizens, and in fact sold himself to the American people as the antidote to the Bush era’s anti-terrorism excesses.

The second part is unequivocally not true, or as a cable pundit might delicately put it, “misleading.”

The NSA’s vast, warrantless surveillance of American citizens with no connections to terrorism or national security investigations is not subject to “clear safeguards” from all three branches of government.

Last year, the secret FISA court approved 100 percent of the requests it received. If that sounds a bit like a North Korean courtroom, you are right.

Furthermore, as The Guardian reported  yesterday, a “previously undisclosed rule change allows NSA operatives to hunt for individual Americans’ communications using their name or other identifying information.”

But here’s the thing: “The authority, approved in 2011, appears to contrast with repeated assurances from Barack Obama and senior intelligence officials to both Congress and the American public that the privacy of US citizens is protected from the NSA’s dragnet surveillance programs.”

That’s two years after Mr. Obama took office, so it is exceedingly hard to explain this away as a Bush-era legacy Obama hasn’t gotten around to tossing out yet.

And even the most loyal of Obama supporters must have squirmed in their seats yesterday when Obama promised to work with Congress in order to “pursue appropriate reforms to Section 215 of the Patriot Act.”

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Sheila Jackson Lee for Homeland Security secretary? | The Daily Caller

The Congressional Black Caucus wants Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas to be the next Secretary of Homeland Security, now that former Sec. Janet Napolitano has resigned to become president of the University of California System.

The Houston Chronicle reported that CBC Chairwoman Marcia Fudge sent a letter to President Barack Obama last week to “encourage [him] to strongly consider” Jackson Lee for the Cabinet post.

“Representative Jackson Lee would serve as an effective DHS Secretary because she understands the importance of increasing border security and maintaining homeland safety,” the letter says.

It cites Jackson Lee’s former position as Chairwoman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation Security and Infrastructure Protection, saying that in that role, she “supported increased airplane cargo inspections and increased security for railroads, issues of great importance to the security of this nation and its citizens.”

The letter says she “stands as a strong and honest ‘voice of reason’” in her current position as ranking member on another Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security.

Neither Jackson Lee’s office nor the Congressional Black Caucus responded to request for comment.

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